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At FirstRateSites.com we take the time to listen, read and learn all we can about your business. That is the best way to design a website that will truly be First Rate.

We want to know what is unique about your company and should be conveyed in your new website design and development. A well written website with real valuable information is the best way to make sure your website is recognized as First Rate by the major Search Engines.

We are located in Dallas Georgia. While we serve customers across the United States we specialize in helping design websites for small to medium local businesses..

We serve local businesses in the following areas in Georgia.

  • Dallas
  • Hiram
  • Powder Springs
  • Douglasville
  • Smyrna

As well as nearby areas.

How to choose a website designer?

Website Designers who do not take the time to listen and learn about your business can only rely on annoying pop ups and spamming through social media to promote your website. That may get you noticed quicker but that result will quickly fall away from the top pages of Search Engines.

Good relevant content will get your website listed on the search sites and will sustain that result much longer! At First Rate Website Designs we do the grunt work to get you on the front page of Google and in the process we make sure longevity is build in to keep your site there.

What makes a website First Rate?

Content, Content, Content

User Friendly

Visually Appealing

Search Engine ready

No annoying pop-ups

I don’t know anyone who likes to have pop-ups show up when reading a website. They are there to learn about your company not to be disrupted while trying to learn from your website.

SEO is built in

Every page of your site is crafted to look and read in the best positive manner. That being the case it is also easy for the SEO bots to pickup and read your sites pages so that they can be listed and positivley rated in the search engines.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

We are your one stop shop! We do not just post your site and forget it. We maintain your site so that it continues to run smoothly and it’s security is always up to date

Fast and Secure Web Servers

All our sites are hosted on the most modern and secure servers to make sure your site is available every time someone tries to visit it.

Professional Email Hosting Service

We offer several types  of email hosting. All are professional grade and monitored maintained regularly. 

GQPINC.com Website Image

Gregory’s Quality Printing Site Design

United Tent Service Website image

United Tent Rental Service

Gorman Construction Inc Website image

Gorman Construction Inc

Zachary Shay Gallery image

Zachary Shay Gallery

Direct Home Inspection Website Design

Direct Home Inspection

ProFlow-Plumbing Website Design


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